Adaptiva Green Planet is the only SCCM add-on that automatically shuts down computers when not in use, wakes them up when needed, and gives end-users ownership of the process. Since 2004, the award-winning Green Planet has been helping IT managers save money, save the planet, and prove it. It is the most mature, most powerful, most user-friendly green IT solution available.

Green Planet Diagram

Green IT is harder than it looks

Users will growl if they come in to work and have to turn on their computer and wait for it to boot. It’s worse if the computer tries to shut down before they leave.

If computers are shut down, IT can’t run overnight systems management tasks like patches, installations, etc. In the day, systems jobs will interrupt users—if the users don’t interrupt the jobs first.

Computers draw the most power when booting, and spike network traffic then too. If too many computers turn on at once, you can overload building power, domain controllers, email servers, file shares, etc.

Green Planet makes it easier than ever

Get energy flexibility and control. Green Planet administrators can shut down computers in several ways: when not in use, on a fixed schedule, on a per-user schedule, by groups of people, by time zone, by role, by office, etc.

Give users a feeling of ownership. Green Planet provides a client-side UI where authorized users can make sure their computer boots before they arrive, doesn’t shut down until after they leave, and only runs when needed. This makes motivated users into contributors, and frees IT from blame if any user does not like their power schedule.

Wake systems up for overnight maintenance. Green Planet solves the systems maintenance dilemma. It wakes machines up in off-hours to run SCCM systems management tasks, and powers them down again when the maintenance is done.

Load-balance to prevent problems. Green Planet can automatically load-level, intelligently staggering system startup times so you do not suffer building power overloads. This also prevents systems from spiking the load on email servers and other shared services.

3 – 6 month ROI

Green Planet pays for itself many times over.

  • Get 100% ROI in as little as three months, based on power savings alone
  • Help the planet by saving 127 tons of CO2, and 176,000 kWh, for every 1,000 PCs powered off during non-work hours
  • Lower air conditioning bills by generating less heat
  • Prolong computer life by reducing wear and tear

Green Planet lets you calculate and show ROI by energy savings, cost savings, CO2 emissions, or total computing hours. It even figures out which machines would yield the greatest benefit from power management, based on usage. Green Planet also gives you hard numbers to include in corporate responsibility reports.