Adaptiva OneSite is award-winning software that Fortune 500 companies use to run SCCM from a single site with no DPs for distribution, and no impact to business WAN traffic. The game-changing OneSite is advancing global IT efficiency by orders of magnitude in organizations from 1,000 to 366,000 clients.

The enterprise systems management nightmare

If you work in enterprise IT systems management, you have problems. You need to put DPs and other servers at every site, but that is far too many servers to buy and manage. Plus, the network team could take years to complete the configuration changes required to make it all work. When you deploy large packages that slow the business down, the WAN overlords may restrict your bandwidth allocation (and rightly so).

You lack the budget to make many trips to the field, yet need servers there to perform operating systems deployment (OSD) and so many other critical tasks. If you do not patch, update, and repair far-flung systems constantly, you risk corporate security policy violation and regulatory compliance failure.

Replace 1000s of servers needed to run ConfigMgr with just one site

SCCM reinvented

Eliminate your SCCM infrastructure. SCCM with OneSite requires no DPs or other on-site servers. OneSite provides SCCM services by aggregating unused disk and processing capacity from systems already on site into “virtual servers.” OneSite also creates a virtual network topology to optimize transfer over your global WAN and local LANs.

Accelerate content delivery. OneSite knows how your company is distributed across the planet, so it sends data only once over the WAN via the quickest route. On each LAN, content is delivered to multiple systems simultaneously using OneSite’s memory pipeline architecture. This superefficient deliver once distribute many technology uses only compressed data, further speeding delivery and reducing storage.

Never bother the network team again. OneSite’s predictive bandwidth harvesting moves SCCM data fast when the WAN is underutilized, and gets out of the way of business traffic before it needs the network. OneSite can deliver massive packages quickly without generating network congestion or tickets—all without router permissions or configuration changes.

Get free, zero-impact storage. OneSite’s zero footprint caching uses unallocated disk space on the computers at a site. Users see the space as free, and can write to it at any time. OneSite orchestrates the individual caches at a site into a self-managing virtual SAN, caching multiple copies of content for redundancy.

Perform OSD with serverless PXE and SMP. Deploy and upgrade Windows anywhere in the world by enabling peer-to-peer (P2P) PXE in just three minutes with no servers and no router changes. OneSite also provides serverless virtual state migration points (SMPs) that integrate easily with your SCCM task sequences.

ROI right now

OneSite can pay for itself within one to three years, and often less.

  • Eliminate hundreds of DP, PXE, SMP, and other servers, saving up to several millions of dollars on hardware costs and more on indirect costs.
  • Upgrade thousands of Windows XP systems to Windows 7 or Windows 8 in a fraction of the time, without at-desk visits or expensive contractors.
  • Implement advanced, cost-saving efficiency without spending money on new network equipment, network upgrades, or behemoth projects to reconfigure all routers around the planet.

Some of the world’s most valuable brands use Adaptiva OneSite. Contact us to see what we can do for you. At Adaptiva, we want to help you do the best work of your life.