Simplified SCCM Topology

Adaptiva OneSite is completely changing the rules of the systems management game. With OneSite, your worldwide infrastructure is already deployed. All you need is a single primary site, one DP, no other DPs, no child primary sites, no secondary sites, no SMP/PXE servers, and no server roles.

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Predictive Bandwidth Harvesting

Send systems management traffic over the WAN at unbelievable speeds, and never interfere with business traffic! OneSite lets you do your job without needing or bothering the network team.

It’s state-of-the engineering that only Adaptiva can provide—nobody else comes close. To learn how it works, click here.

Zero Footprint Caching

With zero footprint caching, you already have more storage space than you need for SCCM—at every operating location. This astonishing technology is solving the SCCM storage problem for Adaptiva customers in financial, insurance, manufacturing, retail, and other industries.

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Virtual SAN

OneSite takes SCCM caching to a whole new level by orchestrating individual caches into an omniscient, intelligent virtual SAN. Packages are available where you need them when you need them—with no repeated WAN downloads. Best of all, it’s self-forming and self-managing. You don’t need to do a thing.

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Peer-to-peer PXE

With OneSite’s peer-to-peer (P2P) PXE, your PXE servers are already deployed! OneSite makes it easy to instantly enable PXE at hundreds or more operating locations worldwide.

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Memory Pipeline Architecture

OneSite delivers data to multiple systems on a LAN simultaneously, without impacting end-users. Content moves at the speed of RAM, not hard disk, and the pipeline is completely fault tolerant!

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Adaptiva’s real-time content delivery operations center gives SCCM admins complete visibility into all content transfers worldwide, either by operating location or by office. Then, it empowers them with full to control to pause, change priority, or cancel transfers either individually or as a group.

PowerShell Fusion

PowerShell Fusion is an amazing integration of OneSite’s easy to use Workflow Designer with Microsoft’s ubiquitous task automation and configuration management framework. Organizations can leverage their investment in PowerShell to automate, integrate, and customize systems management operations and events in ways that were previously unthinkable.

Virtual State Migration Points

OneSite’s ground-breaking P2P technology with virtual state migration points (V-SMP) lets you perform global OSD with no remote servers. OneSite V-SMP integrates with your task sequences to save user settings and data in unused disk space on multiple local peers, then restore them to the new OS.

This sophisticated integration with SCCM helps you conduct OSD on scores of computers across your entire enterprise as easily and quickly as possible.

Content Push

Then when critical, large, or high visibility content is approved, rollout is immediate. OneSite is the only product that intelligently pre-stages content to help your rollouts succeed faster and more reliably.

Content Push for Task Sequences

Adaptiva content push integrates with task sequences for OSD. OneSite looks at a task sequence, identifies the referenced content, and pre-stages it at specified operating locations.

When you update the task sequence, OneSite automatically detects and delivers the new content to all locations. When an OS image or other content is updated, OneSite creates a small binary diff and applies it everywhere.


OneSite’s content push is enhanced with AutoStage to eliminate the manual work of updating the list of content to pre-stage. For an existing content push policy, you can identify what types of content to pre-stage automatically, such as SCCM packages, OS boot images, OS images, drivers, SCCM applications, etc. Then when new content is created it is AutoStaged for you.


IntelliStage makes OneSite’s content push a breeze by intelligently identifying the most highly available machines at each location. You don’t have to waste time figuring out which peer machines are best suited to hold the pre-staged data. It also maintains a desired minimum number of copies at the site for redundancy and load-balancing.

OneSite looks at a variety of factors to select systems, including chassis (laptop, desktop), OS (server, client), uptime, and resources (memory, CPU, HD). Then it automatically pre-stages content to the most suitable machines. Only OneSite takes the manual work and speculation out of selecting the best systems for pre-staging.

Delivery Prioritization

A patch for a zero day exploit can’t wait in line behind other traffic, even on a fully optimized WAN. A true enterprise-class P2P technology solution such as Adaptiva OneSite can pause in-progress deliveries, clearing the network for more urgent content, and then resume the lower priority traffic later.

OneSite can prioritize on a general basis, such as patches first, then applications, then OS images. Or it can prioritize a single item that needs to go out ahead of everything else.

App-V Streaming

OneSite lets enterprises deploy APP-V streaming globally, provisioning all users with every application they might need. The content is intelligently pre-staged, so when users need an application they get it immediately from the best-suited local peer.

Adaptiva’s exclusive P2P technology gives users a stellar APP-V experience from peers instead of servers, all without stressing users or the WAN.

Policy Push

Policy Push

By default, SCCM clients poll an MP every 15 minutes for new or updated policies. This creates extra WAN traffic, and impacts the SCCM server. OneSite eliminates this polling by pushing policies out to clients as soon as they are created or updated.

Only Adaptiva gives you less traffic on the WAN, reduced server load on the MP, and the fastest possible delivery of policies!

Client Data Upload Management

Client Data Upload Management

SCCM can clog your network and burden your server when many clients simultaneously upload data to an MP, but not with OneSite! OneSite lets you manage how many clients can upload data concurrently.

This exceptional capability load-levels traffic when clients upload: hardware inventory, status messages, discovery data, file collection, software metering, and software inventory. Only OneSite manages traffic in both directions, eliminating SCCM traffic peaks, and reducing server load.

DP Bypass

DP Bypass

OneSite protects your network from systems management traffic, even if users disable the Adaptiva client itself. An SCCM client will normally seek a DP, but a single check box can enable DP Bypass enterprise-wide. This will ensure that clients without OneSite will not saturate your WAN or SCCM server with misdirected content downloads.

Another Adaptiva-only engineering achievement, DP Bypass is the ultimate network insurance policy!


NetBoost guarantees that the network remains responsive for users, even when delivering gigabytes of systems traffic! OneSite’s packet-level network driver will harvest all available bandwidth, up until it reaches the specified responsiveness limit.

OneSite’s network engineering is far more advanced than anything else on the market. Only OneSite delivers the fastest possible WAN content delivery speeds while ensuring that business traffic never slows down—and users get the quick network response they expect.

WAN Pause/Resume

WAN Pause/Resume

Adaptiva OneSite lets administrators instantly pause/resume all SCCM WAN traffic by pushing a button. If a rollout needs to be stopped for any reason (e.g., it contains an error or virus) before it gets deployed on hundreds of thousands of systems, this “big red button” immediately halts all network activity worldwide.

Never before have administrators had the power to globally stop all content delivery in its tracks!

Flow Equalizer

Flow Equalizer

OneSite’s flow equalizer evenly allocates the available WAN bandwidth amongst multiple concurrent flows, much as an operating system distributes CPUs between multiple applications. It does this by time-slicing use of the network equally between peers, dramatically advancing the state-of-the-art for peer-to-peer (P2P) technology.

Peer machines coordinate with each other, allowing OneSite to deliver massive amounts of data to multiple targets faster. This impressive functionality, only available from Adaptiva, lowers the network impact of P2P content delivery. Further, it easily scales to deliver hundreds of pieces of content to hundreds of different peers on the WAN at the same time.

Data Compression

OneSite’s unique technology silently and automatically compresses all data before it reaches the WAN or the LAN. Adaptiva delivers the full content to systems while sending only a fraction of the data through the network.

For example, OneSite compresses AutoCAD installation files from 8GB to 5GB before they hit the WAN, and keeps them compressed in the cache. This saves bandwidth, disk space, and transfer time! Compression is critical for WAN optimization, yet you won’t find this technology in competing products.

Content Encryption

OneSite’s secure P2P technology ensures that users cannot access content stored on peers, not even as local administrators on their own computer. Systems data can contain valuable applications that users might take home as well as restricted applications. Other content could pose compliance and security risks.

OneSite can encrypt specific content, all content, or certain types of content. The administrator does not have to oversee a thing! OneSite will safeguard your content, automatically encrypting once at the source and decrypting where and when needed.

Tool Foundry

OneSite is built on an advanced, elegant platform which contains a powerful workflow engine. With Tool Foundry, administrators get an easy-to-use workflow designer to express logic. You can create custom functionality visually, without writing a single line of code!

The tool foundry generates .exe files that can be distributed and executed remotely. This lets you integrate OneSite with business processes, execute repetitive tasks, automate configuration changes, and empower field technicians.