Introducing OneSite™

The Fastest Way to Securely Distribute Content Across an Enterprise

At Adaptiva, we are on a mission to meet enterprise IT’s need for speed with the OneSite™ content distribution engine. OneSite advances the power of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager so IT professionals can securely speed enterprise-wide software deployments without adding costly servers or throttling the amount of bandwidth that can be used for content delivery.

The product’s peer-to-peer (P2P) systems management technology uses the clients enterprises already own to store and share content locally, eliminating the need for a global server infrastructure to distribute content and reducing network impacts.

OneSite is also the only systems management product on the market today which provides real-time visibility and control over every individual content transfer and the visual workflow creation capabilities to integrate with a business’ unique processes.

OneSite is deployed on millions of devices in more than 100 countries worldwide and has more satisfied, reference customers than any competing content distribution on the market.