Success in IT depends on well-executed, responsive support. Continuous system uptime prevents costly business interruptions. Quick problem resolution keeps technical staff free to advance other projects.

Adaptiva provides the highest quality of 24×7 support to some of the biggest companies in the world. We provide a follow-the-sun support model, with offices across the US and in the UK. This ensures that you get world-class support no matter where or when you need it.

Our proactive support process ensures that you will never sit on pins and needles wondering and waiting. We keep you informed, and drive the case forward until it’s resolved. At Adaptiva, we believe we’re not successful until you are. That’s why our customers rave about our support.

Proactive Support Process

Customer Request

You can open a ticket 24×7 by phone, through our support portal, or using a ticket creation email address for customers. When you open a case, the urgency of your request is recorded and an engineer is assigned right away. You will receive a fast response within the timeframe defined in our service level objectives (SLO).

Engineering Engagement

Your first contact is with a high-level SCCM engineer who has a broad knowledge of IT and systems management. Your engineer will assess the situation, gather additional information, and put together a support plan that defines next steps to resolution of the issue. The Median Reply Time for initial contact from an Adaptiva engineer after a ticket is submitted is 30 minutes.

Diagnosis and Remediation

We keep you updated every step of the way while solving your problem. You can always check status in the support portal. Any ticket that was last updated by a customer is flagged as requiring an Adaptiva response, and addressed. If our software is working correctly, we will do our best to help solve your problem regardless of origin.


Adaptiva will automatically escalate your incident if and when additional resources are needed. This may mean assigning additional engineers. If our product has a bug, our development and QA process allows us to fix it for you quickly. If you need new functionality added to the product, we often do that too.


When we understand the issue to be resolved, we confirm it with you before closing the ticket. In customer surveys completed at close of ticket, the Median Satisfaction Rating is 99.1%. If you are not satisfied, you can re-open the ticket at any time. At Adaptiva, we believe the issue is resolved when you say it is.